1. Managing Director
    Corporate Events
    Fun for the whole office!
  2. Managing Director
    Suite 28
    Our private event space is perfect for a team building, employee appreciation event, work summer picnic, or holiday party!
  3. Managing Director
    Zone 28 Email Header
    Shows a little bit of everything we do.
  4. Managing Director
    Summer Special graphic
    Take advantage before school starts!
  5. Managing Director
    Drink Tickets Flier
    Before this, bartenders were stuck listing to each customer what they could redeem their drink ticket for.
  6. Managing Director
    Birthday Parties Back
    Show up, have a good time, go home stress free- we do all set-up, clean-up, and provide the fun!
  7. Managing Director
    Birthday Parties Front
    Best parties in all of Pittsburgh!

Zone 28 Marketing + Fliers

During my time at Zone 28, I have designed a wide assortment of fliers, posters, in-house marketing materials, outbound marketing collateral, social media graphics, email marketing, and much more for Zone 28.

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