Hi there, I'm

Emily Yount

I'm Emily! I have experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, Sales, Event Coordination and Customer Service.
Graphic Design
Marketing & Social Media
Sales & Event Coordination
 Phorography & Videography
Logos & Branding, Advertising Collateral, Pacakging Design, Illustrations, Menus, Business Cards, Billboards, Invitations
Content creation, posting and boosting posts, contest creation and management, marketing strategy planning
Inbound & outbound sales, brand awareness, networking, working with clients, event timelines, BEO's, vendor relations
Creative photography, commercial photography, video editing, photo editing

Why work with Emily?

I'm a dedicated worker that doesn't let anything get in my way! A problem solver by nature, I am a logical thinker with a keen eye for details that wants to find the perfect solution to anything presented to me. I know that every project is different- so I'm used to being flexible!
Reliable &
Hard Working
Independent & Collaborative
​Creative &